Bakersfield Offers Both City and Country Living

Bakersfield Offers Both City and Country Living

California is a beautiful state that offers a long stretch of coastal land, metropolitan areas, rolling green hills and country living. It’s an eclectic state that has a lot to offer. Many California cities give residents a choice between city or country, but few offer both.

Where can you live that offers the best of both worlds? Where in California can you raise a family in award winning schools, have your choice between new construction or older homes filled with charm, have both country acreage and city living all in one spot, and have all the perks of great shopping and dining?

Photo by Casey Hardy, a local Bakersfield equine photographer

Photo by Casey Hardy, a local Bakersfield equine photographer

In our city, you can have your cake and eat it too at a downtown cafe while watching the gorgeous sunset that our city is so known for. Then jump on the Westside Parkway and be on the other side of Bakersfield in 15 minutes flat. The quality of life doesn’t get much better.

If you’re someone that wants the amenities of a city, while going home to a property with a pool, garden, room for your RV, play area for the kids and is zoned for large animals, then keep reading because we know just the place for you!

Bakersfield Roots

Like most cities, Bakersfield was originally made up of agriculture fields and farmland. We’ve grown as a community through the years and together we’ve built a large city with modern amenities, while still maintaining a small town feel with relationships and culture.

We’ve also stayed true to our original roots in agriculture and farming. You don’t have to drive far before you’re surrounded by acres of blooming almond orchards and the sweet smell of citrus. We like having both, city and country, and all of the activities and perks that come with it.

Bakersfield generously gives us plenty of room to roam. 

Unlike most big cities that have lost spacious acreage through development, we’ve maintained pockets in our city and county that offer ample acreage for homeowners. All the while living a stones throw away from shopping and entertainment. The Rosedale area is a great example of this.

Rosedale - Where Country Meets City 

Rosedale used to be on the outskirts of the city, but as we’ve grown, it has now become the heart of Bakersfield. Because of it’s original location, most of this area was zoned for farming and larger animals such as horses and other 4H animals.

While the use of the area has changed over the years, there are still many pockets of Rosedale that maintain their original, or slightly modified zoning, that allow for 4H animals and other large livestock. The lot size will determine how many animals are allowed to be housed on the property. 

Area codes 93312 and 93314 are both great areas that offer ample lot sizes with the option for large animals. There are other pockets that offer these perks, but the bulk is found in in these zip codes.

This area is perfect for those that want more space than what a smaller residential property would offer, while still sticking close to the perks of the city.

We represented the buyer for this property. Plenty of land with room for a yard, pool and stables!

We represented the buyer for this property. Plenty of land with room for a yard, pool and stables!

Rosedale Property Details 

These properties have space for the whole family, and in true Bakersfield fashion, they’re pretty darn affordable.

Homes are as affordable as $350,000 in the 93312 and 93314 zip codes, ranging up to $900,000+. You’ve got a lot of options here, and depending on your budget and desires, we can definitely find something that fits your criteria.

Stay tuned because in March we’re listing a home that is a perfect example of this!

The properties in 93312 and 93314 start at half an acre lot size with most properties reaching up to 5+ acres. Forget the horses, you’ve now got room for your RV and boat without any restrictions on where or how you’re allowed to store them.

Need a second garage that fits your RV? It’s common for many properties in this area to have one, without it eating up your entire backyard.

There are some communities that have restrictions on where and how RVs, boats, and the like can be stored. You don’t need to worry about that in these zip codes.

Photo by Casey Hardy, a local Bakersfield equine photographer, showing the spacious acreage and large trees in this area.

Photo by Casey Hardy, a local Bakersfield equine photographer, showing the spacious acreage and large trees in this area.

Property Details Recap: 

  • Zip codes 93312 and 93314

  • Lot sizes start at half an acre

  • Many lot sizes go up to 5+ acres

  • Prices as low as $300,000 - $350,000

  • As high as $900,000+

  • Zoned for large animals

  • 10 to 15 minute drive to nearby shopping and dining

With lot sizes like these, you don’t have to choose between a pool or a swing set for the kids. There’s plenty of room for your recreational vehicles, fenced in pool, grassy area and outdoor dining, with most of these properties. Not to mention the award winning schools in the area!

Keep reading to get all the details on this area of town.

Home Garden

The Perks of Country and City

Maybe you’re not looking to own a horse or raise livestock, but that doesn’t mean these areas don’t have massive benefits for growing families. It’s all about location, and this area is a great one. Schools, entertainment and outings - you don’t have to give up anything in this area of town. 

Your kids can attend great schools without long drives in the morning. Drop the kids off and get to work on time with public schools that are all within a short driving distance making drop offs and pick ups easy.

Great Schools: Buena Vista ElementaryEarl Warren Jr. HighStockdale High School, Stockade Elementary, top rated Fruitvale Junior HighBakersfield High School

We’ve talked a lot about Downtown, Seven Oaks and Olde Stockdale and the many restaurants, entertainment and leisure these communities offer. If you want to rehash those details, click here to get the scoop on some of the best spots our city has to offer.

A few of our favorite spots: Fit Pantry, The Habit Burger Grill, Little ItalyBagels and Belnderz, and of course Mexicali Restaurant West! Just to name a few!

Entertainment & Leisure: Kern River Parkway Trail for both runners and cyclists, Golfing is just a swing away at the Seven Oaks Country Club, but you also catch a new movie at Marketplace before or after shopping, and there are plenty of concerts in the park at the the Spectrum Amphitheater. We never have a shortage of good music!

Running Trail


What we really want to talk about it how dang close the 93312 and 93314 areas are in relation to the rest of Bakersfield. We mentioned earlier that Rosedale has become the heart of the city,  in that if you look at a map, Rosedale is just about smack dab in the middle. 

Whether you’re driving to work, going out to dinner or taking the kids to school, the commute is next to nothing and traffic is almost non existent. The construction of the Westside Parkway has made it a breeze to get from one side of town to another by connecting the various communities that create our city.

Expect to jump on the Westside Parkway and be in Downtown Bakersfield in about 10 minutes for that cup of coffee with a friend, only to get back to your multi acre property with a garden and room for the kids to play.

Padre Hotel Bakersfield


There aren’t a lot of places that offer this much value for homeowners, and we’re lucky to live in a city that has so much culture and offerings to give. 

If you’re looking for a home that has room for the kids to go outside and play, grow a garden, store the RV for those weekend family trips, or have enough space for your horse, give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling. 

We’re with you for your next adventure,

- Katy + John