Bakersfield Neighborhood Night Out

Bakersfield Neighborhood Night Out

There’s something special that happens when you buy a home and put down roots in a neighborhood. As you settle in, it stops being just a neighborhood with a name and it evolves into a community where you know your neighbor’s names, create friendships and raise a family - it becomes home.

That feeling of home spills over from your front steps and you begin to find it in all of your favorite places around town. Your favorite coffee shop where the barista remembers your name, that cute little boutique down the street that’s run by a mother and daughter team, and the best Mexican restaurant around that makes a delicious margarita just how you like it. 

Bakersfield is home for John and I, and in the past 20 years we have found places around town that are our absolute favorite places to relax, have some fun, get a date night in and connect with friends. These places hold feelings of home for us.

We put together some our of favorite Bakersfield Neighborhood Nights to share with you. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Bakersfield, look no further. These are some of our top recommendations for things to do, in some of the best Bakersfield neighborhoods: Seven Oaks, Downtown and Olde Stockdale.

If you’re looking to put down roots in any of these neighborhoods, have a look at our previous blog that gives you the inside scoop on all of these Bakersfield neighborhoods.

1. Seven Oaks

Spectrum Amphitheater Bakersfield, CA

It’s no secret that I love music, and live music is as good as it gets. The Spectrum Amphitheater at the Riverwalk Park might just be one of our favorite spots near the Seven Oaks community. 

On nights when there is a band playing, you can find Mr. G and I sitting on a blanket on the grassy hills overlooking the amphitheater while the band serenades us. Bakersfield is known for it’s cool nights and gorgeous sunsets and this is one of the best spots to be on a Friday night to get a complete show of color and sounds.

If you're looking for a delicious lunch spot, we highly recommend the new Wood-Dale Meat Market and Deli over on Ming Ave. While this is an establishment that has been in Bakersfield for years, their second location offers fresh deli sandwiches and the best homemade potato chips we've ever had! 

Dewar's Candy Shop Bakersfield, CA

When our sweet tooth gets the best of us, we like to head over to Dewar's Candy Shop, another longstanding, family run Bakersfield establishment that makes the most incredible ice cream and taffy. They've got quite the reputation around town with multiple locations. We're partial to their express location on Ming Ave.

Weekdays after work you can often find Mr. G getting in a round of golf, followed by a cigar and drink at the Country Club with some friends. It’s one of his favorite spots in Bakersfield, and for good reason. The grounds are impeccable, the drinks are always fresh and you can smoke a cigar on the patio while overlooking the greens after a long day of work. 

The country club is also one of my favorite lunch spots in Seven Oaks because I get lunch with a view. You can’t beat that.

A lunch or dinner spot we’ve been meaning to try is the new La Costa Mariscos on Stockdale. We’ve heard great things, and if you’ve tried their margarita, let us know how it is. ;)


Food + Drink: Dewar's Candy ShopWood-Dale Meat Market and DeliLa Costa Mariscos

Things to do: The Spectrum AmphitheaterThe Park at Riverwalk

2. Downtown Bakersfield

Friday nights downtown are definitely one of our favorite parts of Bakersfield. First Fridays are especially fun and an event we frequent whenever possible. If you haven’t been to a Bakersfield First Friday, you’re missing out. 

Here’s how we do up our Friday night Downtown. We start with dinner and patronize a local establishment. Mexicali RestaurantUricchios Trattoria, Jin Sushi are just a few of our top choices.


At Mexicali Restaurant we love sitting in “our spot,” right between the bar and the remainder of the restaurant. We order our drinks just how we like them (I’ll take my margarita with extra lime, please) and order appetizers that aren't necessarily on the menu, but we have the inside scoop on.

A little local tip, order the green salsa instead of the red for a special twist. 


For a genuine Glentzer, Mexicali experience, try our suggested menu items:

To start: Green Salsa + Chips

Drink: House margarita on the rocks with extra lime

Main Event: Share a tray of mini tacos and chunky guacamole

Feeling of Home: Watch for friends coming in and share some laughs


After dinner we like to walk around and pay the local art museums and artists a visit. We really enjoy the Bakersfield Museum of Art and the Metro Gallery . On First Friday, local artists line the streets with their creations on full display. Local Downtown Bakersfield shops are also open a little later for some extended browsing time.

I especially like to stop in and give Wire and Pearl a visit. This shop is a quaint boutique that always has the most unique gifts. I often pick up closing gifts here for my buyers. 

Habanos Cigars

For an after dinner drink we normally stop by Crash Lounge after visiting the 17th St Cigar Shop where John will grab a cigar and then we’ll sit back on the Crash Lounge patio and catch up with friends. 

On other Friday nights when Frist Friday isn’t taking place, Cafe Smitten is a cute little coffee shop downtown that has live music. Their patio is absolutely adorable with string lights and lots of plants. We like to stop in for a glass of wine, live music and catch watch the sky change colors as the sun sets.


Food + Drink: Crash LoungeMexicali RestaurantJin SushiUricchios TrattoriaCafe Smitten

Things to do: 17th St Cigar ShopWire and PearlBakersfield Museum of ArtMetro Gallery

Parking tip for Downtown Bakersfield First Friday: We recommend parking in the 18th St Parking Garage. The first two hours are free and it's within walking distance to just about everything!

3. Olde Stockdale

Haggin Oaks Farmers Market Bakersfield, CA

On Sunday mornings the Haggin Oaks Farmers Market, located right by the Marketplace, is the perfect morning stroll to view artisan food stalls, fresh vegetables from Kern County farmers and pick up some coffee for the week from a local roaster, Rig City Roasting. Rig City Roasting is at the farmers market every Sunday, but their brick and mortar location is in Downtown Bakersfield.

We really enjoy Sunday mornings here as there is always good food, beautiful flowers and lots of community involvement.

Some of our top dining picks in the Stockdale area are Little Italy and Bagels and Belnderz. If you're craving an authentic Italian meal in the Stockdale area with a quint, local atmosphere feel, then look no further than Little Italy.

Ice Cream Cone

For a quick bagel and smoothie, stop in to Bagels and Blenderz. They're a small, locally owned shop that's especially known for their breakfast. 

During the Summer, The Marketplace is a great place to be. On Thursday nights there are live bands playing and delicious ice cream from a nearby shop is the perfect combination while sitting out by the fountain to listen to music and watch people dance. It’s a good time for the whole family and there are always people we know there to catch up with. 

This may be redundant, but we can’t help but mention Mexicali Restaurant West. When you know, you know. And we know that we love Mexicali Restaurant. If you’re not close to Downtown, this is the Mexican restaurant to try.

When we’re not heading out for dinner, we head to a friends house, and after some time of catching up we’ll walk to the Stockdale Country Club and have dinner before walking back to relax in the backyard with drinks. 


Food + Drink: Little ItalyBagels and BelnderzMexicali Restaurant West

Things to do:MarketplaceHaggin Oaks Farmers Market



What we love most about these places is more than just the amazing food and incredible music scene that Bakersfield is known for, it’s running into friends and sharing in community. It’s knowing that this is home and there are people and places here that hold a special meaning in our lives. These people carry feelings of home just as much as our favorite places do.

You’ve heard from us and now we’d love to hear from you. Share with us your favorite things to do in Bakersfield and the places that feel like home to you!





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