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The Glentzer Group is a real estate partnership between Katy and John Glentzer with a combined 20 years of expertise. They display a prominent portfolio in buying and selling some of the finest homes in Bakersfield, CA. 



Katy and John Glentzer REALTORS

We've earned a reputation for providing our clients with premium, trustworthy and honest real estate services and advice. And rightfully so, because there's nothing we value more than the relationship we develop with our clients.

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our clients because we understand that owning a piece of real estate is much more than natural lighting, aesthetics and square footage - it’s about feeling at home. It’s about the memories you’ll create, and then take with you when you’re ready for your next adventure.

We’re more than licensed REALTORS, we’re your friends, neighbors and advocates. And we believe that when looking for your dream home, you should work with someone who genuinely cares about the whole experience. 


We’re with you for your next adventure.

– Katy + John


"We highly recommend Katy & John for any real estate needs.

They will exceed your expectations!"

- Kym and Jeff Showers (olde stockdale)


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